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BLUF: The CEO of PepsiCo Americas Foods cites feedback as one of his keys to success.

I am a second year MBA at the University of Michigan and a teaching assistant for a class that invites a top executive from around the country to talk about leadership and crisis management to a class of about 50 MBAs each week.

Last week we heard from the CEO of PepsiCo Americas Foods (Think: FritoLay, Quaker, etc) about how he has been so successful in his career. He cited two things he has done consistently since becoming a manager - he said:

1) "I get to know my people exceptionally well."

2) "I give feedback a lot."

As a MT fan, my ears perked up and I queried him further about what he meant, specifically with HOW he does those things. He said he meets with his directs often one on one to try  to understand what motivates and inspires them, and to learn the small details about their lives that others frequently miss. He also said he likes to give people feedback on what they need to change, and what they do well, as soon as he sees something worth commenting on.

I thought others in the community would enjoy hearing real life examples of successful executives using elements of the management trinity, and especially feedback. Who knows, maybe he is a Horstman & Co. client?

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Nice.  Thanks.   

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