Hey there,

I got a question that I haven't seen asked before...   At least a search didn't pull anything up.

I recently learned of an employee's behavior that definitely needs adjusting.  The problem is that he isn't on my team.  What is the best way to handle this?  Feedback to the person's boss?  Directly to the employee?  Or something else...

- marc 

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Depending on the nature of the problem and how effective the employee in question's boss is (will the feedback get delivered), I'd either let his boss know so the boss can give third-party feedback, or I'd go with peer feedback myself, which sounds like "Hey, I don't know if you realise, but when you do X, here's what happens...". No question at the end, just a modified step 1 and steps 2 and 3.  Delivered lightly, one-colleague-to-another, it should get the point across without seeming like a smackdown.