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I'm having trouble figuring out how to get regular status updates from one of my directs. He is in a sales support role, and in project roles. Currently, he is not providing me regular updates on existing work assignments, or informing me about new assignments, except when asked directly. Some of his meetings and follow up deliverables are assigned by other people (sales staff or customers) without my knowledge. Some of the deliverables have deadlines, and others are back burner items with no deadline to accommodate ad-hoc urgent customer requests.

Following the feedback model, I don't know if this is related to him not sending updates; or other's behavior (requesting work) or my behavior I am stressed when I don't know what customers are requesting and impact on other work streams.   

Perhaps the problem isn't feedback, it's the working model. Perhaps i should be delegating work items differently or setting different expectations for how we should work together.


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I don't see from your explanation what is "non behaviour" about your problem.   You want X report to contain status on items A,B & C by Y deadline.

Insist he fulfills the criteria you require.

Him accepting a deliverable from other people is his behaviour.   That's something you can measure and therefore manage.  He needs to report on that too.

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If you want updates, ask for them.

If he does respond to your requests (a behavior), then he gets affirming feedback on it. You want to reward when he does things well.

If he does not respond to your requests (a behavior), then he gets adjusting feedback on it. If he routinely does not adjust to the feedback, you give him systemic feedback. If he does not respond to systemic feedback, you terminate him.