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This week I had the opportunity to witness the feedback model used in a training environment and I have to say it was very effective.  I attended a mandatory half-day on-site customer service training and I would swear the instructor was an MT listener.  In addition to the training offering many of the great lessons M&M have taught, the instructor would respond to every behavior-based student comment (including those of the agency head) with, "Can I give you some feedback?"  He then waited for an affirmative response, isolated the behavior behind each  comment, and described the possible effects in the work environment, and  why it was or wasn't effective.

Looking at the training beyond its content, I think the instructor's use of the feedback model in this setting contributed to a feeling of mutual respect and greater learning.

After the class I found the instructor had taught at my business school for several years but stopped just before I entered the BBA track.  Too bad, because I definitely could have used the knowledge earlier in my career!