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Please help me with some ideas how to give positive feedback more often.

My employee works a lot on her own time including weekends. Any ideas for positive feedback for her? I do not want to give positive feedback about her working overtime. It would be wrong message. I don't want her working at weekends. I need results.

Results achievement checked once a week on status, so I can give her positive feedback.
How can I give her positive feedback more often?

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Feedback doesn't have to be on a deliverable.  It could be on any positive behaviour.  e.g.

  • Being on time for meetings
  • Being prepared
  • Summarizing well
  • Asking for help when they need it
  • Giving help to someong else
  • Volunteering
  • Encouraging others to contribute
  • etc. etc.  

See if you can find small things to give feedback about.  

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First - I agree with Kevin1.  Look for smaller behaviors where you can give positive feedback.  MT defines behavior as 1) words you say, 2) how you say them, 3) facial expressions, 4) body language, and 5) work product.  Kevin1 mentioned "being on time" - I give positive feedback on this one everytime it happens - it almost comes out of my mouth without me even knowing it now.  Look for simpler, smaller behaviors and you'll find things where you can provide positive feedback.  Do this until you give feedback a few times every day - that is when you know you;re at an appropriate level of behavior.

Second - depending where you are in the trinity rollout - you may consider negative feedback on the hours worked.  I haven't done this, but feedback works.  

Third - I have had success with a discussion arounding working "too much" with the following statements.  During an O3 or as the opportunty presents, I have said something like, "I'd like to discuss your workload.  I know you're busy and you're achieving great results.  I'm very happy with your results.  I'm a little worried that at your current pace you may be at risk of burnout at some point in the future.  How are you doing managing your energy level?"  Another question I've asked is "Do you need additional resources?" but that one depends on the specifics.  Depending on my relationship I've also asked "Are you exercising, getting enough sleep, eating OK, taking time for yourself?"  After we discuss briefly I transition out with a statement like, "I want to make sure you're managing your energy.  If you burnout it is no good for you or me.  Your results have been great, but if we can't sustain them, it isn't worth it."  I've done this a handful of times and it has always been well received.  So far, it has has also led to sustained results.  I've also shared the following articles from HBR a couple times.  There are also a number of MT casts about time and priorities - specifically making sure family is a priority.  You could also share any of those.