I have a direct of mine with whom I shared some confidential information. I heard from another direct that the confidential piece of information is being shared by him.I appreciate the gesture of the second direct in sharing the information with me, However, I think I should not give the first one any feedback on this. I think I will watch him for a while and stop trusting him should this repeat again.

What would be the best course of action?



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I think it sounds like a great opportunity for feedback, myself (if not something stronger, depending on the nature of the confidentiality).  The third-party feedback cast ( gives the concept of "Act as if" -- you should evaluate the source of the information you've received, and if you believe it, act as if you saw the behaviour yourself.  If your direct says "who told you that?", you answer "It doesn't matter who told me, I'm telling you", and if they say "No I didn't", then you can just walk away -- your direct knows if they did it, and hopefully won't do it again.


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 Agreed - I would nip this in the bud.  Without trust you may as well fire them and be done with it.



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