Hey guys,
Was introduced to the podcast a couple of months ago and was mind blown. been binging episodes from 2005 since.
I heard about 40% already and have covered the basics and I'm just starting to rollout the trinity with my team (4 developers).

In my part of the 1:1 (O3), is it ok for me to give feedback? Let's say I do give immediate feedback but some stuff I miss and some stuff I see just preparing to 1:1.

e.g. I have a direct who is not doing enough tasks (let's say we plan to do 45 hours worth of tasks for the upcoming 2 weeks and he does about 30). For me the best place to give him feedback (positive if he is on track and negative if he isn't) is the 1:1 meeting since this is most clear at the end of the period and is not a behaviour I just saw and can give immediate feedback about.

What to you think?