Jsut listened to the feedback podcast last night - great podcast. I thought about last night, who I could give feedback to and about what when I got to work today. I did 3 first thing this morning - 2 positive, 1 raising a concern. Even the positive was stressful. You are right, when I asked if I could talk about something, they immediately got concerned and the look of relief on their face when all I did was say thanks for doing x and keep up the good work was noticable. Still have a few more to go that I planned. I hope this gets easier!

I assume the reason you say you should ask permission for positive feedback is so they don't always hear the "permission question" followed by negative. Right?

I say thank you all the time when someone sends me something via email. Am I right in thinking that I should not send the thank you in an email but instead say it to them verbally (after asking permission) later that day when I see them in person? We only have 15 people so I do see everyone at some point every day.

I will continue to try and do this although I don't think I can follow your rule of saying something 5x per day. They will think I lost my mind! Or maybe that is ok.

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It's okay for them to think you've lost your mind. Pretty soon they will figure out that it's a new behavior for you and it's a good thing (FWIW, I found feedback to be more powerful when I told my folks to watch for it!)

And it gets easier. Practice makes it easier to consider, deliver, and follow up on feedback - it also makes it easier for your folks to accept it. Yes, you ask so that they know feedback is just feedback, whether it's affirming or adjusting.

And...GREAT job at jumping in feet first. It's really the only way to do it!

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Great job getting started with feedback. It is difficult the first few times you give it, but the key is to give feedback all the time. Like Mark says, feedback is like breathing.

Please come back and post your continuing experiances with feedback.