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Excuse my English.

As a small business owner (30 employees), I "know" anybody in the organisation.

If I have a feed back to give to an employee, should I be straight and quick and give it to him immesiately, or should I tell his manager to give him the feed back ?

Lets take an example : a worker is 10 minutes late today and passes by me to say hello. Should I make no remark about him being late or call his manager to tell him do so ? (In fact, I would naturally do both ! Give two feed backs : one to him and one to his manager)


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I think it depends on the nature of the feedback. In this particular example I don't think I'd do anything other than file it away in my head for reference. Is 10 minutes as a one-off a huge deal vs 10 minutes on a daily bases? I think not. They may have already called in to their line manager to advise them that they would be 10 minutes week because they had to talk to a teacher at their kid's school or something.

If you feel compelled to act than you could just ask the question of the line manager to see if it is a regular occurrence and if so, is it having a negative impact on the business? If this staff member is making up the time, perhaps not.

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Both. Make sure you don't make it a big deal. They're scared of you, whether you or they admit it or not.


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Yes, this example is not good as this behaviour, if occuring very rarely does not need feed back.

My point was : in the case I think one of the workers need feedback, should I give this feed back directly to him or should I better respect hierarchy and tell his manager ?

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It's fine to give it directly, and then let their boss know that you did.

The key is to make it feel not important. Based on what you've told us, I get the sense that they won't be comfortable with feedback at first. So, relax when you deliver it. Over time, they'll get used to it, and come to want it.