What blogs/feeds do you guys follow out there? I'm looking to add some more positive stuff to my feed. Stuff about management theory, about running a business, about the business world... but something a little outside just the WSJ and general financial news. 

I follow a ton of feeds, and a lot of them I just skim through, selecting a few to push to instapaper for later reading. A lot of the other ones are comics, video-game industry news, arty stuff and various philosophy and political blogs. But of more general interest, and that I tend to spend time more slowly digesting are: (Even if you don't agree with his philosophy towards work, I find he posts about a lot of interesting people, like the one below...) (I always feel enthused after reading his stuff - I especially like what he has to say about the importance of networking and how to do it right; very MT/CT, all about being first a person who gives, not one who seeks to take) (As business becomes ever more entwined with internet stuff, it's more and more important to understand the nature of security threats - actually, outside the internet too, and this guy covers it really well) (his posts are always quite short, but his links are always interesting)

Also, I follow a variety of the blogs over at Wired (according to my Google reader stats, my favourite is the feed on Start Ups).

Anyway, I've love to know what you guys read!