I think I've come across my favorite MT quote (Horstmanism?):

"There is a name internally in organizations for people who constantly seek to be right even at the risk of being effective. They're called jerks."

~From the Internal Support Providers cast.

When I heard that, I nearly spewed coffee all over my keyboard. 

Does anyone else have a favorite?  I'm curious about ones I have forgotten or have yet to hear.

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 "Avoiding failure is not seeking success."


DiSC 2-5-4-6

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"You're not that smart and they're not that dumb"


All time favorite.

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"How you feel is your fault."

(Horstman's 7th Law, mentioned in How to Accept an Apology) and

"You got mad all by yourself."

From the Umbrella Story in the cast Delivering the Performance Review (parts 1 and 2)

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I'm sure I'm misquoting, as it's from a pretty old cast, but this one has really stuck with me:

"You don't get paid for the hour, you get paid for the value you bring to the business in that hour".

Really valuable in determining what I should keep and what I should delegate.

EDIT:  and who could forget, Mark Horstman is the reason "Galactially Stupid" has entered my vocabulary!  Wait... that came out wrong.


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"...what you DO really IS what your priorities ARE."

From the blog post:


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My personal favorite:

If it was easy, ANYBODY could do it!


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Mark says is Peter Drucker Idea but Mark created it.

But my favorite is : Communication is what he listener does


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"Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid."

I believe the Mark said he heard this from his brother but the original source is Basil King.

Canyon R

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I heard someone once say "When you commit to a plan the universe will conspire to assist you."

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From the How to Give a Decision Brief, Part I

"There is no pain for the boss to NOT make a decision." 

What a "well duh!" moment!  It has really improved my effectiveness and, more importantly, my understanding of my boss' actions.  What was once frustrating is now extremely clear. 

I also like the "Begin with the idea that everyone's motives are inherently good" (or something to that effect).   I'm not sure where it came from exactly, but I'm sure I heard it on one of the casts.


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My all time favorite is the Umbrella Story. It changed my way of thinking about each conflict.

I shared it with my Group Leaders, and we frequently remind each other about the Umbrella Story during meetings with little, "pokey" motions..

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 I'm going to butcher the quote.  And, come to think of it, it may be a Mike quote.

"When you have a problem,  look for the cause of that problem in growing concentric circles starting with your desk." (i.e. - Take some responsibility)

This has really changed how I approach work and take responsibility.  And, I feel that it's a big reason why I've been identified as a high performer in my company.  I see my teammates and coworkers constantly complaining that it's someone else's fault that something can't get done, and I just shake my head.



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On the pursuit of financial success:  "I've been rich, and I've been poor, and I've telling ya, happy is better."



....making my way through product management and management of my "ready, aim . . . aim . . . *SHINY!!!* . . . aim . . ." tendencies