Hi everyone,

I am a 24 year old man from Norway with two years of management experience from a non-profit with 1200 volunteers and 8000 members.I have recently completed my BSc in Marketing from the Norwegian School of Management. I am in the process of starting my own consulting practice on the side, but not competing with Mark & Mike. On the spare time i like rock climbing, sailing, soccer(being from europe), Manager-Tools.

I have been a faithful listener of Manager-Tools for a full year now, after finding it on the top of the lists under Business Podcasts in iTunes. I was one of the luckyones who got to upgrade to a premium membership and it has definitively been worth it. However, it is my impression that podcasting haven't fully developed here in Norway. Oh well, I will have to write it down as a temporary competitive advantage for those of us who do.

Thank you all, both Mike & Mark for a great product, and all of you others writing in the forums.

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Welcome aboard Magnus. I look forward to seeing more of your comments in the forums. Then we can thank you just as much!

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Welcome, Magnus. We're glad you're here and are getting value.

I look forward to seeing more posts from you.


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Welcome, Magnus!

I'm always pleased to see new members, especially those who work in non-profits. I look forward to hearing how you apply MT in your work.