Hi all,

over the past two and a half years, I have been listening and re-listening to all the MT podcasts, and am currently going through the CT ones. Although in my role as a Chief Architect in a small company, I don't have any direct reports, my job still has enough managerial content for a large part of the material to be applicable.

I want to take this opportunity and express my heartfelt thanks to Mike and Mark and everyone at MT/CT. Your work has been helping me a lot in becoming better at what I do.

Falk Bruegmann

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A bit more about myself:

I am 39 and married; I live in Munich, Germany. I work for a SaaS-provider in the online payment industry.  

In some respects, I am what the German language calls a "Wanderer zwischen den Welten", a wanderer between worlds. I my case these are the worlds of business and technology.

Although my first degree is a BA in economics and business administration, I started my career as a software developer. Later, I added a BA in business informatics, a subject which in and of itself straddles both these worlds. At the moment, I'm doing an MBA on the side. 

My current role as a software architect ranges from the purely technical (including writing code) to the completely non-technical (e.g. interviewing job candidates, including for non-technical roles).

My dual nature is also reflected in my DISC profile (3-6-4-7, "practitioner"): I'm a very high C (typical for software developers), but also a high I (not so typical). 

But enough about me. What do you think... - about me? With lots of detail and data, if you wouldn't mind - thank you!**



** If you didn't catch the reference, please don't take that paragraph too seriously.