Hi Mike & Mark

I work in of the issues we have is that a lot of managers think MT is great but do not think it is applicable to companies like ours. I and a colleague are planning to run a series of podcasts to help managers in our business unit - this probably has about 50 1st line managers and is equally split between sales and delivery. MT is downloaded regularly into a local PC and made available to whoever wants. We believe that the MT way will be very useful (having used a few techniques ourselves...such as those around managing performance, for example).

We are frankly quite intimidated, having read the post on your equipment, and while we would like our audience to share the same magic you bring to us, we are somewhat overwhelmed by the technology required. We have no experience in things like Audacity.

Our intent is to translate / extend some of the MT material to aspects and issues specific to our organisation and hopefully we will reach a situation where we are no longer required and everyone in our unit is into MT.

The only thing is that we use a Cenix digital recorder which can be plugged into a POTS line and that way it captures two way audio.

Well, you gotta do what you gotta do and we're going to start somewhere and hopefully improve on the technical quality along the way.


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Please don't forget that we started with a USB microphone, and it worked FINE!!!!!

And, as a way of showing your thanks will you PLEASE remove our work from your server? I hate to say it, but that's a clear violation of all of our licensing, not only in spirit but in the black and white. We provide our work free for individual use, and while we're very nice people, we just can't let anyone host our work.


Thank you.


nativecoloradan's picture's not a server, though. It's my office PC. And it's copied using iTunes. There are many areas in Bangalore outskirts (where I live) which do not have broadband service provided at all and it would be infeasible for many of us to download large files. The only way is to have help from someone who does have the bandwidth muscle in their area. We do not use the office LAN to download because it would affect delivery projects.

Anyway, it's your copyright and if you do not want us to access it, we won't.

I may have misunderstood the language as you use it (I think it is called American) compared to the way we do.