Can anyone share any resources or tips on developing a professional written signature? 

I started my career in healthcare, and was literally signing my name 50+ times a day, which inevitably resulted in an evolution to something almost indecipherable to save time.  Over the years I have not had to sign a lot in my leadership roles (at least not in written format).  I am now moving into a role where my signature is going to be very prominent, and I am looking for ways to make it look more professional.  If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, they would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance!


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Get yourself a copy of the book Write Now by Barbara Getty and Inga Dubay, and improve all your handwriting.  Your signature will follow.

Getty and Dubay did a fantastic job of producing a textbook for adults on penmanship, to help un-train the bad habits we were taught in childhood.  At least for those of us based in the US, the penmanship we were taught as children was never designed to be hand written.  As moveable type printing presses became more accessible, they very quickly became the standard for producing textbooks.  However, reproducing penmanship that is natural for the hand requires hundreds of types of pieces in a moveable type printing press.  This was changed to something more printing-press friendly to reduce the price of printing textbooks.  This new "handwriting" not designed for hands has persisted even after the move to digital printing, because it is so familiar to most.

There's no longer any need to learn penmanship that isn't good for your hands!  Getty-Dubay Cursive Italic is more like  people wrote before moveable type textbooks.  It's fast, clear, and good for your hands.