I just finished Execution by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan. I read it twice and really enjoyed it. Just wondering what others thoughts were or if they had used the principles from the book on their organization and if they had any effect?

Also if anyone had any other good business books for a college student to get his hands on please give them a post.


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I thought Bossidy and Charan were too high-level. I finished the book feeling "so, now what do I do Monday?"

I found "Execution: Plain and Simple" by Neiman to be much more practical.

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Re-reading it now for the second time.  It has been almost six years since I read it for the first time, but I still feel many of the points are still relevant.  Especially the questions around referrals and the talent managment summary.  Lastly, the action plan guideline is very practical as it helps the people who have to catch up - get focused.