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First time poster.

I have a question on how to set external standards for an ambiguous process.

Part of my job involves having my directs "body-shop" powerpoint charts - i.e. organizing things on the page, making tables look nice, filling in / fleshing out commentary, etc.

Often times I find myself re-working what they put together to get the formatting looking good. I'd like to give them feedback but I'm having a lot of trouble defining an external, quantifiable standard that I'd like to hold them to. Too often I can only say "make this look better", or spend 15 minutes going over the slide with a red pen and detailing exactly what I'd like done.

Any thoughts on best practices for excel formatting standards?

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When you make a change to something they have done, try making a note of what you are changing and why.  Collecting these notes together should be a good starting point to building a list of formatting guidelines that you can use to set expectations up front.  Then you can give feedback to them when they miss against the expected standards.

Hope that helps.