Anybody from this area here that would like to connect?


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I live closeby and would be interested in having a meeting after summer holidays. There must be more people around?

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Sure thing!

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Yay! So we are already three!

I know another person who's interested, that makes four. We need at least 8 people to make it worthwile since only about 50% tend to show up in the end, when you try and organize a meeting. If we start with 4 people only, it might turn into a "date" :)

I might be able to recruit more people from another (international) network, but that will only be in October. If you guys try and find others as well, maybe we can have our first meeting end of October/beginning November.

Looking forward to meeting you,

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I live in Rotterdam and would be interested in attending.


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please count me in. Uden, Kaspar

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RWWH, Thodor, Anja, Austin, Kaspar, 

Have you guys been able to get something started?

I live close to Leuven, Belgium (close to Brussels and Antwerp), and I can also join.

We could set up something bigger, as I am involved in the career management section of the Flemish Engineering Association (KVIV).

Best regards,


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I'm living between Brussels and Leuven and would be interested in sharing experiences of implementing the trinity in various organisations.


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was following this post as it seams there was some effort to organize a meet up in den haag.
what's the current situation around the meet up?

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I'm living in Dendermonde and working in Brussels. If something comes up closeby, then count me in.




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Hi All,

This is such a great idea!

Sven, I'm in Amsterdam which isn't too far from Antwerp. Maybe we could try to organize something there?

I'd definitely be interested in anything in Holland of course!