Hi all,

after four years in my current role and a recent promotion, I am now pursuing a move/change. Working for a huge global corporation, there is adventure behind every corner, senior management actively supports employee mobility, and I am optimistic I can find challenge and opportunity without having to leave. However, I am also considering external options. I am also relatively impatient, so will pursue this change increasingly aggressively in the foreseeable future.

Within the corporation, I have a couple mentors and some other folks that I counsel with. I hope that they will help my transition to a new responsibility in another department. I am bit worried though because of my openness to consider external options and also an increasing frustration with my current position.

If one of them asks me directly whether I am considering to leave, how do I best respond? Is this a "question to which you are entitled an answer"?


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 My advice is to answer by focusing on the problem, rather than what solutions you are looking at, as in:

"I'm looking for new responsibilities. I'm exploring internal options, but I want to be open to any possibilities."

If they push you, then push back asking for suggestions for internal options.

Your post reminded me that I need to call someone who has been an internal mentor and ask him similar questions.

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No one is entitled to an honest answer to that question if you believe they can't be trusted to handle the answer appropriately - with no negative consequences for you.

That said, a generic answer might be, " of course I'd prefer to stay here - I like it, there are a lot of opportunities, and it is a great firm with great people. I wouldn't scoff at an outside opportunity, but it is not my first choice."


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Two valuable responses in just a few hours -- thank you guys! Seems so easy now, but I really wasn't sure.