BLUF - What kind of training opportunities do you create for your team/company, without being overly dry and unengaging?

Something is currently telling me that an important area to focus on, given my role, is the engagement of our employees overall. We do offer some training through videos but, in all honesty, they aren't as useful as I'd like. The videos come across as though you are being talked at, not talked to, or with. We have introduced some study guides to increase the level of engagement possible, which has helped. However, I feel there is more available to create a culture of learning and comradery without trying to turn into some "hip" tech startup with ping pong tables (that just isn't our culture). This is why I ask a community of professionals their opinion.

While I have used MT training myself, it will be a longer play to gain approval for a company-wide engagement so that is off the table for now. A few things that I am thinking about:

- Taking a more active speaking/discussion role as a supplement to the current video training offerings.

- Finding other experts in the local area to come in and speak to the employees.

- Writing with thoughts and lessons to our company on a regular interval.

- Forming a book club of sorts.

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"Finding other experts in the local area to come in and speak to the employees" is a really good idea, but only if the person really knows how to speak and inspire work and development. because now there are many "business coaches" who just pour water and do not say anything useful.

 "Forming a book club of sorts" is also a great idea, I'll take note of it!

Here are some tips that I can give from my practice.

1) Match your high performers with new employees -The supervisor can help them get situated, walk them through common tasks and projects, and show the new staff member how someone experienced does their job.

2) Create excitement about a “boring” training topic

If you’re having a training session that involves your employees, turn it into an experience they can get excited about. Create a half-day session for the training with a catered lunch where employees get the other half of the day off as an incentive for being in attendance.

3) Take your training outside the office - it is even possible to go to a neighboring city to some kind of exhibition and turn training into a kind of excursion. Plan the free-time activities as carefully as the training sessions.

Regards, Amanda Cali

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Good afternoon J-Bloxham and Amanda!
I join your advice and support them!

I want to offer some non-standard practices that I use when working with my employees to strengthen team spirit

Training Through Local Associations - Professional organizations and nonprofits provide trainings, meet and greets, webinars and industry events that employees benefit from attending.

Cross-Functional Teams - Bring people from various teams and organizational levels to serve on strengths-based teams where they can contribute in meaningful ways.

Volunteer Together - Get your team out into the community and volunteer as a group. Have work teams grab a meal afterward and debrief all they learned together.

Host a Collective Day of Fun - Ask each team member to choose their favorite activity and spend a day trying a variety of hobbies. Try to keep an hour for each hobby to make time for each employee, or you can set aside several days or a weekend for this if you have a large team

It's really effective and fun and has a great effect on all team members.

Sincerely, Blair Maxson

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