First of all I haven't posted here before, sorry if I'm not using the usual format or etiquette!

So to begin...

Recently my organisation has been working with a public institution in the UK. A demanding & discerning client, that is no small feat to manage.

One of our employees (I am their direct LM) had shown an interest in developing their project management skills, and to take ownership of this project from conception to implementation. I was happy to provide them with the opportunity due to their inherent PM qualities.

Following multiple successful deliveries, and an increase in responsibilities, my direct report has succeeded and excelled consistently.

They has now been rewarded for their efforts with a promotion awarded by the CEO.

After the promotion had been finalised I believed it would only be beneficial the supplier-client relationship to let them share in her success, as they benefited from my DR's abilities throughout.

I planned an email, very succinct;

"I am emailing today as following the exceptional work XXX has done with us here at XXX for XXX, and other clients, I can proudly say that XXX has been promoted to the role of Project Manager.

As such I would like to invite everybody to join us in congratulating XXX, and wish her continued success in the future."

Everyone emailed has replied offering their congratulations, and my colleague has received personal text messages from clients congratulating them.

However, I have now been reprimanded for sending this email and I don't quite know how to react. Many times the CEO has shut down any efforts for me to develop client relationships, and consistently undermined my activities at every point despite employing me on the pretense of, 'if you see a change that needs to be made, make it".

The first change I made was the rock-bottom morale of a majority of employees within the business.

TL;DR I guess I need advice on how to approach a manager who says all the right things on inclusive leadership, and supporting employees, to clients. But fails on every objective to implement that for their own employees.

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When you say Reprimand, have you been requested to take any actions? If not you don't need to do anything.

You did the right thing.

It is hard not having a supportive boss, I had one for a number of years and ultimately left the company. During that time though I did what I knew to be right. I asked myself "if my actions made it to the front page of the newspaper, would I be proud or ashamed?"