Anyone have experience with emotional intelligence training?

I had a mentor reccomend this to me. I was wondering if people liked it, and if there were any watch-outs. Finally, any reccomendations for which firm provides a good training value on this topic?

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EI training helps the student to begin to learn a skill that is useful in business and personal life that, for many people, is life changing and for the good.

EI's first principle is to be self aware.  Be aware of your emotional reactions to stimuli and how your emotions can distort your reactions.  Often these distortions are unhelpful and become barriers to optimal outcomes.  Self awareness is a bedrock quality needed for good managers and directors.  It is one of the reasons DISC is so powerful.

And like DISC, once you are more aware of yourself, EI helps you to become more aware of the emotional responses in those you interract with.  You can then modify how you are behaving in order to get a better outcome from that interraction.

Both EI and DISC training are entry points which can lead to life long studies of the disciplines.  They are both disciplines where you learn to both participate in a conversation or interraction while simultaneously evaluating how that conversation is being conducted, and make adjustments to the conversation method to improve the communication.  There always seems to be more to learn and more you can do to improve your effectiveness, and your relationships. 

Hope this helps.