I thought I would share this with the MT Team, here are some results from my employer to a survey about email:

Which email technique is most useful for you?
A. Use folders and rules to manage email as it comes in
B. Send less email; accomplish more tasks in person/at meetings
C. Use “reply to all” judiciously
D. Clear out my inbox each day
E. Use new tools/access personal productivity learning resources to help get more organized
Total votes: 1424


I would be interested to see your views as to whether you think they were asking the right question.

Rather than me expressing my view straight, I would be keen to see if my view actually chimes with MT!!!!

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Seems a lot of people agree with us. :-))))  Please allow me to assume they're the effective ones.

Still using folders here. 

I get hundreds of mails a day, and right now, at the end of my day, I have NONE unread or actioned.


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I act upon/file mail as it comes in. But I control when it comes in.

I have ADD, a wide variety of interests, and a love of computers. I could spend the whole day answering E-mail bells as the messages come through, and I'd end up drooling and frustrated, like a 21st century Pavlov's dog. I've set Mail to check my accounts only three times per day: 9:30AM, 1:30PM, and 4:30PM. An E-mail that someone sends me at 10:45AM has a long wait coming. I've made my peace with that.

I'm not an obstetrician, a CEO, or the chief of police. There are very few "ASAP, drop everything" requests. My real job, drawing stuff and offering junior employees feedback on the stuff they're drawing, requires me to get lost in it. I need to dive into InDesign or Photoshop, and I surface when I've got the answer I need. If I held myself accountable to a vibrating Blackberry or an incessant "You've Got Mail" chime, I'd be a mess. My boss and my key clients have my phone number, and they usually call me for urgent stuff.