I was listening to the Effective Meetings Starter Model (part 1 and 2) and I truly understand the need for meetings to begin on time to set the tone. In my organization it is not uncommon (more uncommon for the preceding group to finish on time) for a group to run over and hold a meeting room hostage for 5 to 10 minutes into the next groups booked time.  How do I handle this so that their ineffective meeting habits do not bleed over into my reserved time. Because this is a consistent problem I want a good way to handle this so that I can clear the room of the previous meeting so my meeting can begin, even though they havent finished.   I want people to expect for my meeting to start on time and to honour their allotted time that they scheduled for the room.

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Schedule your meeting's start time 15 minutes later than the start time of your room booking. That way you are not at anyone else's mercy. 

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Garrett, you could use "peer feedback."

There is a podcast on the peer feedback model:

Paraphrasing from the podcast: "Hey, when your meetings run long, it kind of throws things off....",

1. State the behavior

2. Describe the impact

The portions of the feedback model that are removed are: Asking for permission and Asking what will they do differently in the future.

I would add '"and sets a poor example for our teams" if I knew the meeting coordinator well or if their meetings run long again.

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Peter and Hausmann -

Great options for this situation.  That was the only hurdle I could see making sure I am effectively starting meetings in my company. I really like both of the options and feel they will be useful in the future. 

Peter I really like your advice in the immediate based on our current culture.  My hope is that, since we are a small company, the paradigm for meeting etiquette will change and running more effective meetings will become the norm through best practices by several mangers working together to do the best that we can.

I also appreciate the opportunity to give the feedback as well Hausmann.  I can see how that will increase the likely hood of creating a culture of effective meeting in the future.

I appreciate the wisdom from both of you.

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Good suggestions from the guys Garrett, let us know how it goes.

Merry Christmas.

Kind Regards
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