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 Hi All!

A "high level" question:

I wonder if any of you have some good advice or recommendations for managers in an organisation about to be outsourced.

Specifics to do or to keep in mind as a manager to stay as effective as possible when everybody in the organisation knows they won't be around much longer than 4-6 months?

Appreciate all input :-)

Have a good day!


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It's not clear from the wording whether the company is being sold or whether certain work is being outsourced.  If the latter, are any staff are being transferred with the work to the company being outsourced to? Is there a vendor management team being created to maintain oversight of the company being outsourced to? Are retention bonuses are in place for managers or staff? 

Not withstanding the answers to these questions:

- Keep on producing and remain positive while you continue to work for the company.  Keep doing O3s with directs, feedback, coaching, reporting etc. etc.  

- Think about the changing balance of work within the team and how you as a team can best handle this.  You may have folks from the vendor in with you, understanding current processes and outputs etc. and there may be a lot of documentation required over the next 4-6 months.  Take the time to step through all of this in advance with the team and understand / identify any concerns or questions - ask the team how they feel the changes can best be handled.  

- Think about the questions your directs may have for you during this period.  Is management and HR getting together to produce a Q&A pack that can be sent out to staff and followed up on in O3s? Acknowledge concerns & questions from staff and be as honest / open as the situation permits.

- Look for opportunities within your current company e.g. with the outsourcing will there be some sort of vendor management team being put in place where there may be opportunities, or are there roles available in other parts of your organization? Also, are people being transferred with the work to the vendor & any opportunities there?

- Get your resume up to date if it needs it.  Reach out to your network, make those lunches with friends in other companies.  Start contacting recruiters if you don't already have relationships in place here.

- And again, keep on producing and remain positive.  That said, if you're working excessive hours, and no opportunity for continuing employment in the current company, you may want to cut back to a reasonable work/life balance. 

Anyway my 2cents to start things off...