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I was listening to the "Effective executive / efficient assistant" podcasts for the first time the other day, and Mike and Mark spent much of their time talking about the foundational idea for having an good assistant was for the executive to first be effective and have a good idea of their priorities. They sort of glossed over what seemed like a lot of key points that they kept saying that they would dig in to deeper in future casts.

My question is: have they done that? Are there any casts dedicated to "How an executive becomes effective"? I just ordered Drucker off of Amazon, and I know that's the first place to start. But are there any casts that would be a good place to start for a new executive?


Thanks all in advance.


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I received an email from Mark today on this question. I post it below as received.

Finally, licensees will gain access to our new bi-weekly cast, Executive Tools.  As mentioned above, the first cast of ET will drop on 30 June.  Mike and Alex and Paul have figured out how to provide that cast in an RSS feed while also providing it to licensees only.  FYI, it’s probably over-sharing/inside baseball, but we’ll also be using flood control technology to protect it getting out into the wild.  And yes, Executive Tools will have shownotes, and casts and notes will be transcript searchable, just like MT and CT.