I've just recently started out on a new career. My fellow Business Analysts, who would eventually decide on an extension of my contract, has a nasty habit: Eating from their nose

Its literally 2 hours non stop everyday, right in my face. Even while talking in a serious meeting. 

They are long time employees here, with great track records. How do I handle this..?  I know the best way is just to approach them head-on, but feel rather embarrassed.

I remember the Body Odor-cast of some years ago. Any other tips?




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They're your peer. You're not their manager or their mother. Get used to the idea that in organizations you're going to have to deal with folks who are different than you. They have different values, different habits of eating, talking drinking socializing faith family weekends weeknights office hours respect for authority, gossip, emails, voicemail, meetings, planning, desk neatness, reading, television, and damn near everything else.

Maybe when you become good friends you cay something. Until then, put your head down and do good work and be thankful that everyone else is overlooking your annoying habits, like they often do mine.


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I am not sure what eating from you nose means? I never heard of that before! :)

That would be annoying.

Having worked in several cultures around the world, I can tell you that I've seen a bit myself. It's true, best to do nothing. Been there, done, that.

No worries, this person will have a hard time staying with you with habits like this (unless you are programmers maybe! :) ), but no matter what, it'll pass.

If you say something, you'll be seen in some sort of negative light, and it most likely will solve very little anyway~


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