Hello All,
My name is Rob I live in New Brunswick, Canada.
I'm married, and have a 3 year old son who is the light of my life.
I'm 25 and have spent my entire working life in sales.

Right now I'm in inside sales for Xerox and recently completed training for my Six Sigma Green Belt

Although I don't actually hold a management position I am trying to develop myself in that direction and I find this site really helpful to that end. They say "Dress for the job you want- not the job you have." which is good enough advise but if I can start [i]thinking [/i]for the job that I want and [i]behaving [/i]like the job that I want- that's really powerful. Obviously I'm not going to start strutting around telling my colleagues what to do but by if I can learn and practice management skills like those presented here (like those regarding performance review preparation) I'll be building a strong case for my promotion long before the interviews start.

I look forward to continuing to absorb the knowledge presented here.

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Welcome, Rob ... it's great to have you here! And you're absolutely right about the "behavior" part!

I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.


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Welcome aboard Rob. I'm no veteran, but any help I can provide, I will. You've got the right attitude!

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Well said. We look forward to helping you grow your responsibilities.

Future blog post: dress like your boss's boss.


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@mauzenne- Thanks for being to first to welcome me.

@ctomasi- I'm sure i'll need lots of it.

@mahorstman- I look forward to that as well. Heh- Part 1 Beware of Suede

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Hey there, I spent a lot of time in the six sigma program, I was a green belt, black belt and a master black belt...I just couldn't get enough. I was in GE for some time, I really enjoyed the program it was good for quite awhile until it was applied to areas it didn't software development.

Welcome to the group, you will learn a lot here about how to get into that management position.


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Six Sigma Black Belt ... GREAT!
Welcome and hope you are giving a look also at Lean practices!

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Welcome. I agree with the others. You are on the right track. I found that by thinking like a manager, not only did it make my interactions with my manager easier, but it got me noticed and fast tracked to become one. WIth your Six Sigma background, you have the tools.

I had to laugh at the prior comment about Six Sigma being applied to software development. My company is trying to do that now. Not much success there. :-)

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Good luck with that, if you guys figure out how to apply six sigma to software let me know because I never did.