Can someone help with the original quote and source:

I remember reading in Drucker somewhere (most likely Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices) that said product planning is the only revenue generating function in a company. All the others are cost centres.

I left my copy in Spain, and google could not help.

Thanks in advance

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May not be the exact quote but the thought is similar:

"The best plan is [i]only [/i]a plan, that is, good intentions, unless it [i]degenerates [/i]into work. The distinction that marks a plan capable of producing results is the commitment of key people to work on specific tasks. The test of a plan is whether management actually commits resources to action which will bring results in the future. Unless such commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes, but no plan."

From [i]Management: Tasks, Res., Practices[/i] pg 128. on Strategic Planning.

In essence really, product planning can be a cost center if the planning does not form into actionable items.