Greetings to fellow Manager Tools members. 


My name is Drew and I'm an IT Guy come Program Manager.  I've been a contractor supporting federal government customers for 20 years now.  I'm currently working for a small systems integrator supporting the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense.  Through the span I've been customer service, tech support, system engineer, project manager, sales, proposal manager, process improvement guy, lion tamer.....  Lion Tamer was more metaphorical than literal.

I've spent a surprising amount of time on process improvement (application of ISO and CMMI) , because it was required of me rather than i wanted to do so.  As Mark says (paraphrase) , if it was easy and fun, you wouldn't get paid nearly as much as you are.  Note to self: take that off my resume, so it doesn't get me in trouble again...

I look forward to benefiting the MT community, as well as benefiting from it.  





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Welcome, Drew.  

Effective folks are often tossed the toughest nuts to crack!

Looking forward to seeing you here in the forums. 

John Hack