Just wondering if anyone read this article (opinion) in yesterday’s WSJ.  I’m normally not one to comment about an article on the paper’s website — but I noticed that this article had 304 comments.  Nearly all negative.  By both women and men.  A good share were vitriolic.

Have we really come to the point where we’re willing to cut half of our workforce adrift because the news out of New York and Hollywood has convinced us that we can’t have professional work relationships?

I leave my office door open.  When I ‘go out’ for lunch I make sure it’s in a small group.  I shake hands rather than otherwise.  I take copious notes during work-related interactions and meetings.  And, until recently, I’ve had almost all males on my team.  Can we not take reasonable steps to respect the feelings and reputations of all our team members, male and female?

I’m a serious devotee on MT and their advice.  I have high standards.  I hold my team responsible for results and relationships.  And I’ve had more than my share of complaints (all by males) who’ve I’ve held accountable.  To date, HR has never found validity to any complaints against me.

Professionalism works.  Copious documentation works.  I want to compete against those 304 naysayers — and I’ll never encourage my daughter to work for a company that’s willing to cast half of their workforce aside.

Sorry for the rant.  I just had to vent in a place where I trust that the people are a little more open-minded...