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Does anyone recommend using Outlook plugins (GTD, Clear Context, etc)? I am wondering if they are worth investigating or if the additional functionality is marginal.

Thanks, in advance, for sharing your experience!


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Check this thread... it may help. I don't use plug ins because I hate computers.



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I use the Outlook plugin for GTD (sold on David Allen web site). It was a bit pricy (around $70 or $80) but has some features that make GTD much easier to implement, in my experience. I particularly like the option to sort all my next actions (tasks) by project and subproject, as well as by context.

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I would be happy to point you to some resources on our site that explain what our product, IMS Pro for Outlook does. In particular, if you are looking to apply GTD practices to Outlook, you may be interested in our whitepaper, [url=]Using IMS Professional for Microsoft Outlook with Gettings Things Done[/url].

Please feel free to drop me a line at brad at clearcontext dot com if I can be of assistance as you evaluate the product.


Brad Meador
ClearContext Corp.

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I bought and tried to use the GTD plug in, and was certain it would help. But I never got into it, and have uninstalled it. I love GTD, and use much of it, but not the plug in.

I am now trying the Workplace Productivity book, which I hope to be very helpful...I will let everyone know.

I do use Newsgator Inbox, for RSS feeds, and LOVE IT. I am an Outlook fanatic.


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Can you provide a pointer to the 'Workplace Productivity' book?

I searched on Amazon I didn't find anything that I thought was a match.



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Total Workday Control, by Michael Linenberger.