Does anyone have experience on how to best use the Emegentics results in working with peers? 

Our company is a big user of Emergenetics as a persoality assessment tools.  I have taken the personal assessment and have gone through the team training twice (once with my work group and once with our larger group).  It is difficult to use guidance from other types of tests as the breakdowns.  The guidance from Emergentics can be lacking when searching for area, such as how to assess some else's traits without seeing their profile. 

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Mark White  

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I do not have experience with it, and tried to find more information via Google Scholar and general web searches, eventually leading to a news article that indicating there is not much evidence from a scientifically validated perspective to differentiate it from many other personality tests that seem to come and go over the years. While the context is questioning an expense for a school district using this, my opion is that the author makes good points that align with my lack of findings on the subject.

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Sorry, I am new to using the forums: I was not quite finished and was "saving" my progress.

Anyway, the point I was getting to is that I cannot find a lot of information outside the company's own marketing materials. So while I cannot speak to Emergenetics effectivness, I can encourage application of the DISC model as an easy-to-understand supplement or replacement as your work context allows, based on my own experience. The MT resources on DISC make it easy to learn and apply, and I found that I correctly guessed all of my employees' places on the model pretty accurately when they decided to take an assessment and share results as a group.



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Thank you for sending the article.  I found it very interesting. I'm not an advocate of energetics, it is what my company has been using for a while. I'm trying to get as much value from the training as I can.

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I have no experienced as well with Emergenetics. Same with @Vector, I am a bit familiar with DISC. And I think this matrix is a bit user friendly compared to Emergenetics. The latter, I guess is much broader in scope.