Being retired military, I'm use to having a specific form for every occasion. Now I'm a manager for a small family owned business of 175 people, and find myself without the luxury of such things as forms for coaching and counseling. I'd rather not reinvent the wheel if possible and have been looking for something on the internet that I can tailor to my needs. So far, my search has been in vain. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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Wes - I just use the O3 notes sheet and keep them with the notes from all my O3's. I document at the top somewhere that it was a coaching session outside the weekly O3 which has helped me in the past be able to document to HR when I've spent an inordinate amount of time with a more seasoned employee.

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At first, I was going to say to just develop your own, as most SPECIFIC forms are TRULY fruit of the organizational tree.

But that's not right.

The right answer is: I don't recommend specialized forms at all for your situation. I believe it's those kinds of "behaviors" that make up the sclerosis that makes small firms feel big, and by big in this case I mean the pejorative. Forms grow, metastasize, and send the wrong message about the "right" way to do things.

And, I don't [i]know [/i]what you mean by counseling (but we generally would frown on what I [i]think [/i]you mean) but weekly one on one forms are all you need for nearly ANY personnel situation. I know of MANY managers who went to HR (and I have gone to COURT) with nothing but a stack of one on ones.


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Thanks for the input Mark and Dani

Counseling in the cases I'm faced with right now concern unacceptable behavior. Being rude towards customers, poor job performance, etc. The problem has gone beyond feedback and now I need to start documenting it. The one-on-one sheets just don't seem to fit the bill in these cases.

I will think about this some more though. I'm just coming off a 19 hour day and frankly I'm a little burned out.

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After you are done setting goals and capturing the information in the 1:1 sheet, do you send this to your DR? I'm planning on typing this information up and emailing it to them, but I wonder if this is repetitive or not.

Would love to hear how others are implementing this.

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I keep them in a file. I do not type, email, copy, share, or distribute.


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Each of my DRs has their own folder in a large file drawer at my desk. In that folder is every O3 and copies of all coaching (except formal documentation). They are welcome to review their folder at any time, and most of them take their own notes from the meeting. I wouldn't email them - that just puts more responsibility on your shoulders and removes accountability from theirs.

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Good points. So when you create your action plan for the coaching exercise, do you expect them to be writing down the actions as well? I guess this is what I'm not doing.

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Yes, absolutely I expect them to write it down.


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Most adults learn from a combination of hearing, seeing, writing, and doing a new action. If they write it down, they're more likely to remember what their goal is, they're certainly more likely to have it available to hand (they made the effort to WRITE it, after all), and that lends a little more weight to actually accomplishing it.

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Thanks for your feedback Julia and John. I'm very new to a lot of these concepts so your advice is highly appreciated.

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I have lots of opinions, and I share them often. I'm also wrong sometime. No feedback from me, but I'm very happy to share my reasoning behind the way I do things (it helps me, so I try to share it with others), my mistakes, my successes...and my opinion.

Your mileage may vary!

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