I've sold a co-worker on the pod casts and he'd like to do the training.  We had budgeted one together before the economy went south!  But money is tight and travel really surprise there!  I was happy to see one coming to Newark because I can drive there and just have one overnight - which means I can probably get the expense through.  But he's now glum that he won't be going.

We were wondering what the closest to Toronto might be.  I notice you didn't seem to do anything anywhere in Canada.  Is that a correct observation.  It seemed the closest might be Chicago.  (I do realize that this isn't always the cheapest airfare.)



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We have done one EMC in Chicago, last year, and intend to do another this year.

And, while we haven't nailed it down yet, Toronto is actually a possibility.  I can't say for sure that Toronto will be decided upon before we open Chicago, but we'll hope so.

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I'd also be interested in attending a conference in Canada but I'm out on the westcoast and in a very remote community. Similar to MsSunshine, I've been able to establish the interest of someone in our office to attend a conference. This person happens to be my supervisor. Having it in Canada would certainly simplify logistics. Also, I'm interested in a two day conference rather than a one day.



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I'd be very interested in a Toronto conference as well.



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Mark mentioned to me that they will be doing some training in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the near future like in the fall.  Flights should be inexpensive to get here/there.




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Great to see Manager Tools is making the trek north to Toronto. I would love to come, but financially can't do it right now. So I really hope you come back soon so I can participate then. I bet the conference will be full, have fun.

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Sorry you won't be able to attend.  Yes, it will be a full house -- we've had great interest to date in the one week we've announced the venue.  We still have some slots available should you change your mind.  I can promise it will be a great deal of fun and you'll be more energized about and ready to tackle your role as a manager than every before.  Mark and Mike know how to bring a unique level of inspiration to a long day of learning.  We hope to see you at some conference in the future!!



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