Howdy MT folks, I’ve recently been terminated from an IT Management role as a result of my company’s revenue stream getting hit by the pandemic. They kept as many people as they could on furlough for several months and finally had to let us go.

I’ve been listening to a lot of the COVID-19 Guidance casts related to termination and job search since I suspected this day might come.

My question today is about posting the news online, especially LinkedIn. I’ve been listening to the guidance on getting in touch with your contacts. I’ve got my list, started making calls and sending direct messages. I’m wondering what guidance folks have about doing a public statement on LinkedIn or Facebook. I’ve noticed some people create an “I’m looking” post and using a green “#OpenToWork” graphic on their profile picture.

I’m curious since many of the COVID Guidance casts were recorded in the past. It seems some needs to be adjusted for our current situation (like physical networking not being option right now). I haven’t run into a specific recommendation on updating your LinkedIn profile yet.


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I am personally not sure if this will hurt your chances. Most of us just focus on contacting people in the areas we are looking for work. Many of my peers never trully turn the graphic off since this is the nature of work these days.

Go for it! Turn it on and see what happens.