A couple of years I was a Section Manager and felt that I did well with peers and the people I managed (5 people), but did not fare well with my own Managers.  It like if I got report card from them these camps I would get A's from peer and direct reports, but F from management.  To further explain, people and peer felt that I was competent, knowledgeable,good mentor and overall good source of information as I often like to share what I know and often times volunteered to help where I could.  They expressed these things to me often.  However, I felt that I was not revered the same by my management.  I felt as thought they did not respect, trust or had confidence in my skills and competence from them.  For instance,  I would make proposals that I had already vetted with my team (since we were going to the work), to make sure it was feasible and I could never get them to agree on any of my ideas, instead I got resistance and skepticism.  I am a female and it was an all male management, not sure if that had to something with it.  I left this organization and now I have been called back to be Project Manager, but this time I would have more responsibility, people and higher salary, so for me it's a promotion.  I have not been been a manager since then, just went back to a regular position.  I would love to go back because I do want to be a Manager, which is why I went and got my MBA.  This company is huge and has an excellent reputation and name brand, so showing that I was a PM at this company is great for my resume.  The same Sr. Managers are still there. My problem is that I am afraid that I will run into the same situation, how can I change this?