I am in the process of interviewing for role A. Company has posted role B, that I'm actually more suited for. Do I email the hiring manager for role A to say that I'm interested in role B? 

I have found a company I would LOVE to work for and role A is an entry-level position for which I am, truthfully, overqualified. I have had a great conversation with the recruiter and the hiring manager, but have NOT received an offer. They have posted role B, which is what I would have applied for first, if it were posted. 

1. Do I apply for role B and jeopordize role A when I really, really want to work at this company?

2. Do I email the hiring manager to let them know I'm excited about EITHER opportunity and just want to make sure I'm being considered for both?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide! I've been at my current company for a decade and these are new waters to navigate!


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I'd jump on the opportunity to express interest in Job B. I can't think of any downside. If you think you're overqualified for A, they might think that too. If you do express interest don't downplay A, just talk about how good a fit you'd be for Job B.


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Thanks for the confirmation of what my gut was telling me to do! I emailed the hiring manager with my weekly follow up/check in and stated how excited I am about the possibility of working for company X. I said I saw the new posting and was going to send in my resume because I thought it also fit my background and experience. Fingers crossed!

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Good job. Good luck!