I just returned from the one-day Chicago Effective Managers Conference. This was a living example of the very best advice and counsel from all of my favorite podcasts. You will see in action the pre-wire, presentation basics, developing urgency in your team, paying better attention, plus all of the basics of Manager Tools strategies. A lady doesn't tell her age, but I can say that I have seen decades of bad presentations. Even some good ones. But none better than this. If you are going, prepare for the day to go in a very big hurry. Listen to the podcasts first, then enjoy seeing Mike, Mark, Michael and Wendii put it all into a very energetic and fun experience.  First class all the way.

Bravo, and thank you.


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Thanks, Janet ... and we LOVED having you there.  Thanks for making it special for us as well!

Best Regards,

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I will echo Janet's comments, having just attended the same conference.  So much cooler than I could have ever expected.  12 hours in the same room (if you show up right at 7am and stay until the Q&A/parking lot discussion wraps up) never went so quickly.   Yeah, the agenda's fabulous and Mark does a great job of sticking to it, but would you expect any differently?  What really spiced things wasn't just the interplay between Mark and Mike, but they were assisted by Micheal S. and Eldon, who also chimed in at just the right times with clarification, insights and examples to buttress Mark's explanation of the trinity.   Never seen that technique as part of a presentation format, but man, did it work well.

In addition to Janet's suggestions for preparation, I'll also throw out some specific casts that I found extremely beneficial having listened to them prior to attending:  handshake, taking notes, posture, politely becoming part of a group, and attending a conference.  Finally, the thing I would have done differenently is leave the blackberry in the car.   Even though I only pulled it out during breaks, it cut into the time that I could have spent meeting the other attendees, whose energy and active participation throughout the day added immensely to the quality of the event. 

So glad you went to the one-day format, which allowed me to come experience MT live. 

Mike B.



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I haven't been to a conference yet.   Every time I hear from someone that went, I feel like I'm missing out on a great opportunity.  Unfortunately, if I want to go I'm going to have to pay out of my own pocket.  I was considering Atlanta, but when I imagine have the conversation with my wife about spending $995 of our money it's immediately followed my me imagining my wife looking at me like I'm an idiot ;-)

I'm trying to save money for the next one after that.  Does anyone know if there are any tentative schedules into 2010 yet?


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While 2010 is not yet nailed, rest assured we will most likely host a conference once a month.  Mark and Mike try to get to those locations that serve our community at large and that are "reasonable on the checkbook" if you have to travel into the city and stay at the hotel.  Mark and Mike are targeting an overseas conference in late Jan 2010. As soon as we have the details firmed up, we will announce (mid Sep).  Just around the corner, folks will shortly see our announcement for the MT Effective Manager Conference in Houston, Oct 7.

We hope to have the opportunity to see you in the future.

P.S.  May I suggest you consider bringing your wife and making a mini-vacation out of it?  At least it would be something for the both of you.......just a woman's perspective :-)


Best Regards,



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Whatever your current employment situation may be, I highly encourage you to attend a conference! Please do not hesitate to contact me via Private Message and I will contact your employer (even your wife) and provide a reference in support of attending the conference. I found that it solidified my appreciation of the content provided in the podcasts, shownotes and forums. A conference also puts you together with a whole bunch of great people who just like you are just interested in getting better at Managing.

Even for anyone who is unemployed, attending will have an immediate payback by helping with confidence and perspective. It has been one of the best experiences of my professional life and the 5 team members from our company that have attended will say the same. I know their behavior says so everyday.

Let me know if you need my input - Good Luck


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I would also be willing to write a reference to anyone seeking confirmation about the value of attending a conference. Just PM me with your info. In the meantime, listen to those podcasts and then DO. Ahhhhh, that is the hard part ;)


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You'll make that $995 back many times over when you get promoted or get a new job based on what you learn at the conference.


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I attended the London Conference on my own dime and highly recommend it if you can find a way to do it financially.  I too would be willing to write a reference if that would help you.  The MT conference is so beyond any conference, training, or presentation, offered anywhere else, it is amazing.  Mike, Mark, and Wendii do a remarkable job of making sure each attendee actually learns and practices the MT behaviors.  You won't find a better development experience anywhere.