Hi folks! I hope you're doing great.

I don't know much about Project Management, but I'm looking forward to become great at it.

So, I decided to start reading the Book: "PMBOK (4th Edition)", and I thought it would be cool to share my opinions with the ones of some other readers, meanwhile each of us traverses the Chapters, and receive some feedbacks about it.

Today I'm creating one Topic for each Chapter of this Book, this one being dedicated to Chapter 1.

Nevertheless, I will not leave other Chapters abandoned, so I'm creating one exclusive Topic for each Chapter so as to maintaining conversations focused on the Concepts of that specific Chapter.

   Every other "Chapter-Topic" will be placed inside of the "Our (and Your) Favorite Books" Forum, with the following names:
- Discussion of: PMBOK (4th Ed.) - Chapter 2
- Discussion of: PMBOK (4th Ed.) - Chapter 3
- Discussion of: PMBOK (4th Ed.) - Chapter 4
- Discussion of: PMBOK (4th Ed.) - Chapter 5
- Discussion of: PMBOK (4th Ed.) - Chapter 6
- Discussion of: PMBOK (4th Ed.) - Chapter 7
- Discussion of: PMBOK (4th Ed.) - Chapter 8
- Discussion of: PMBOK (4th Ed.) - Chapter 9
- Discussion of: PMBOK (4th Ed.) - Chapter 10
- Discussion of: PMBOK (4th Ed.) - Chapter 11
- Discussion of: PMBOK (4th Ed.) - Chapter 12

The good thing will be that, if six months from now someone finds this topic, he/she will be able to share some opinions with us, and perhaps we will be able to (beyond just pure theory) give him/her some tips based upon our own experience.

So, if you're reading the book also and would like to comment about the Chapters, please feel free to join this adventure :)

Good learning!

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 Hi Ghostpy - would you recommend this for an aspiring manager?




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Only read the PMBOK is you REALLY like reading textbooks or if you're planning to become certified. I have my PMP, so I'm very familiar with the PMBOK. While not excatly a PM book, you should check out The Goal by Goldratt.

If you're really interested in project management, there are more function focused PM books available. This is a really good one for software development ->

Oh, and DEFINITELY go to the meetup. We used to have meet ups in Atlanta and the few times when Mark or Wendy joined, it was the highlight of the year! Welcome to MT : )

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@Sarah :
                  I would like to give you an answer on that, but for the moment I'm just a student of the Project Management endeavours.

                  However, I plan to read all the PMBOK Guide till the end just to get to know if it was worth the hassle.

@Alexdifiore :
                 Thanks for your opinion, I'll take it into consideration.
                 Unfortunately this is the second not-so-good opinion about the PMBOK Guide that I heard, but I think there may be a good reason for it, so I'll refrain myself from questioning.
                 Due to my location it may be not possible for me to attend those Meet-ups, but I'll definitely take a look on those two books.


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 Hi Alexdifiore and Ghostpy,


Thanks for your answers and for your warm welcome. I'm based in Leicester, UK, but happy to attend any London meetups.


I've just bought Scott Berkun book you recommended, looking forward to reading it!