Hi Everyone,

I've been tasked with giving a 1 hour leadership presentation to a group of executives who have no directs, but influence hundreds of people a year. They've all been exposed to varying types of leadership style training, but no one I've polled is real familiar with DISC.

I'm looking for some help with ideas around an exercise the group, around 20 heads can participate in that can help reveal not only their behavioral tendencies, but how those tendencies affect those they are tasked with influencing each day.

Not sure if that's enough background, but any suggestions would be appreciated. My goal is not to trot out an exercise "we've all seen before".

Thanks - Rob

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If this is the case then I am assuming that they do not have people that they can develop a working relationship with such as the Manager Tools Trinity? I loved the last podcast on simple behavior clues to communication:

I want to be really careful about recommending "lifting" any of the good work that the podcasts do. I think that if you decide to use their stuff then there should be communication with Mark and Mike about how that happens without taking undue credit or violating copywrites. I think that they would be responsive to a direct message about that. That's a bit beyond my understanding. That aside, I have steered a lot of people to this podcast just in the last week as a great way to learn more about quickly assessing a communication style. 1 hour isn't time for anything much deeper!


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It's true, Janet. They have no "directs" but dotted lines connect them with many managers in the organization. So the Trinity would probably only apply if these folks were involved in projects together and needed regular touch-base meetings on progress, dealines, etc. Thanks