I just wanted to comment on the success I have had using Mark and Mike's advice about rolling out DISC to my team.  When the first podcast related to this aired, I already had my team set to attend a disc assessment workshop with me, as a group.  The timing was impeccable.  Since then, I met with them a few days later and gave a more in-depth presentation on DISC since the MT podcasts have done a fabulous job touching some of the finer points that our corporate trainer omitted.  After that, I gave a detailed overview of my profile, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses, and what that meant for interacting with me as a manager.

They loved it!  It has generated a new sense of camraderie and enthusiasm, and opened sincere dialogue about how to better work together as a team.  I have had no resistance throughout the process and two directs have already given their own presentations regarding their profiles with the remaining scheduled to present next week.

I would highly recommend rolling this out to your teams in the manner specified by Mark and Mike.  Another bonus is that some directs have approached me about receiving constructive feedback based on some of their profile "negatives" and how it affects their work. 

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Thank you for sharing your experience! We appreciate it. Keep up the great work!


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Which podcast outlined this exercise? Would love to listen to it.