I did the DISC assessment the other day and it determined that i was a "perfectionist" High C, High S.

Does anyone have any tips on how i can best push up my D and make the best of my behavioural profile?

I've listened to most of the DISC podcasts but in the true nature of a High C, I want more data. ;)


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You can choose to exhibit any behavior you want. Your DISC profile might tell you what you're most likely to default to, but you can willfully exhibit other behaviors if you're mindful of it.

Check out the Be More Effective with DISC cheat sheet (PDF) to see a quick summary of D-, I-, S-, and C-like behaviors. Now do those behaviors.

Easier said than done, right? So let's say I'm dealing with a high-D person. I want to overcome my S-ness and speak their language. The cheat sheet tells me I should try to:

  • Communicate briefly and to the point
  • Be clear about rules/expectations
  • Stick to the topic
  • Be results-oriented

You say you want more data. I'd suggest you get your data at the same time you're implementing these techniques. Try it out and see what reactions you get. If you do it correctly, you'll have better interactions with your colleagues. If you don't do it correctly: 1) you'll probably still get better results than if you were to not try it, and 2) you collect more data all along the way.

- BJ