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I completed my DISC profile last week, and I spent some time reviewing the information.
I wanted to share my experiance with everyone on the board.

I will start by saying that it is well worth the small investment (both money and time) to complete the profile. It is almost scary how accurately the tool describes me. Most of the observations are dead on, and the ones I feel miss the mark are those where I have already identified the behaviour and have made my own improvements.

Completing the profile:
When starting to fill out the profile, watch out for the "Example" page. Once you fill out your information, the system shows you an "Example" page with instructions and an example of how the following screens will look. I missed the words "Example" and kept trying to click the radio buttons, and click the links for definitions. Mike was able to set me straight on this.

Before you start actually selecting which terms describe you most/least, make sure you are in a working frame of mind. While I tried to do this, I realized after a few questions that I was answering based on how I act around home. It was a little eye opening to me to realize how differently I act at work vs. with my friends.

I found choosing the most/least words pretty difficult, and I needed to view each definition to make sure I understood the meaning. I also had to constantly remind myself to choose how I currently am, not how I would like to be.

Filling the whole profile took less than 15 minutes. Results are given to you instantly.

Reviewing the results:
The report you get at the end is very comprehensive. I was surprised by the result of the profile, identifying me as a High D (6-3-4-3). When listening to the DISC podcasts, I tried to determine my own profile, and I would have thought I had more "I" in me. But the detailed analysis was dead on, so I guess I was wrong.

I really appreciated how the report goes into detail on how you scored in each DISC dimension, and what adjectives describe you the most. It also shows you how each of the adjectives can be both a strength and a weakness. In fact the information is good enough to help me start compiling the list of my strengths and weaknesses to help prepare me for interviews (and answer the weakness question).

Having additional information on the DISC model, and showing other typical patterns will be very useful in applying DISC to my relationships at work and at home.

I am very pleased with the overall results, and I would recommend that everyone invest in this profile.

DISC: 6-3-4-3 "Developer"

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Thanks for sharing your experience with everyone! You make some great points.


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Good summary. This echoes my experience.

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Just finished mine,
I really struggled with answering on how i behave at work, as apposed to at home.
Made me think a lot about how i behave at work. Well worth the effort.

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Forgot to add profile..........

DiSC 6-5-2-3 (result-oriented)

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I should have looked up this thread in the forum before I took the test. The "Example" page tripped me up and I actually tried 3 different browsers and emailed Mike before figuring it out. I feel better that this actually happened to someone else as well.

I admit that I am surprised by this test. I feel that the results (6147) describe me quite well, yet when I was selecting among the choices of words that I found it rather difficult to choose the correct ones.

While this test more-or-less confirms what I thought, it's nice to have the data. The report provided is very descriptive as well.

I would like my reports to take something like this as well, but at this point I feel that they will think that I'm collecting "personal" data on them.

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Jess, I would not hesitate to pass the DISC Profile on to your reports. You will be getting some "personal" data on them. Since you are similar to my profile, I understand your not wanting to get too "personal." But, consider the major improvements you will have in communication and challenging your reports. This could be exactly what you need to help the interaction between you and them.

Quick question. Are you currently doing O3's (one on ones)? I would think that would be a true tell of whether or not they think you are trying to get personal data on them. I think they will get a kick out of the profile.

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Thanks for the advice. I like the idea of passing out my profile before asking them about doing their own. This shows a high level of trust.

I do one-on-ones with my staff and this has helped tremendously. I do have a few staff that think that this type of information is too personal, but I do think that the others will get a benefit out of having my profile.

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I think your reports will really dig the results they see on your profile. It will probably open their eyes on how you manage them. The reports who think that the information you pass back and forth in O3's is too personal, are probably a lot like you, or a high S.

My next suggestion would be to point them here, or just to the DISC Profile test and have them each take it. You could allow it to be a discussion in one of your meetings. The directs will learn how to work with you, and each other on a peer basis. This test is so enlightening to those who take it. It's amazing how useful it has been to me and my staff.