Hi All,

I have a direct that is having issues managing stress and it results in outbursts that are dragging team morale down.

How do I manage this an help that direct realize the effect he is having on the team as whole and the other employees around him?

Understandable Frustrations:
-Several people have been out do to vacation and illness and the workload is reflected on the rest of the Team.
-Time taking to make effective changes within other departments.
-Changes for the better are in the works but are taking time and they have lost trust they will ever happen

Unacceptable Frustration:
-Getting angry at client requests and questions that are being asked.
-The complaints have not been expressed to the clients (that would be a different issue)
- These take the form of verbal complaints and getting other employees to join in the rants

Any insight in how to manage the above situation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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Hard situation KS, my summary thought is that you have someone tearing the team down. This has to be dealt with ASAP or you will be at risk.

Feedback is your friend here and what your DR chooses to do is his choice, not yours. I would counsel considering systemic feedback and documenting at this stage.

At my last job, I had a very similar situation. I didn't deal with it decisively enough early on and it eventually got me run out of town.



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Thank you.

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I agree with Tim. Identify the specific behavior you want to change and provide feedback. Of course you can also focus on the positive traits and emphasize those via feedback as well.