One of my directs, a manager, has submitted requests to take the whole month of December off. This has been his practice from back when he was an individual contributor (30+ years with the company) as well as when he was a supervisor. He has been in the managerial role now for one year. December is traditionally a slow time for operations, however, a month off as a manager seems a bit long. I personally would never take more than two weeks consecutively. Does anyone else have a rule of thumb or opinion on how much consecutive vacation time a manager should take? Thanks in advance for your responses. - Kevin

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I worked with an individual, actually a peer, who would take off a month at a time. It was aggravating. Personally, if I had a job where I could take off for a month without causing undue hardship for the company, I'd question my value. Put a different way, I wouldn't enjoy working a job where I could disappear for weeks on end. I have a need to be more valuable than that.

However, if this has been going on for 30 years, trying to change it will cause a big ruckus.