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I have been receiving criticism of myself and/or processes I have implemented indirectly from a direct report.  My question is whether I should confront him with it?  It has never come up in our O3s or impromptu water cooler conversations with him.  

He is a management level direct working in another physical office.  We work in a matrix organization and these complaints are coming through his dotted line managers or any VIP visitors, and eventually back to me through my boss.

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 You absolutely need to address it with them. I wouldn't say confront, but feedback is warranted here. If you can reasonably believe this individual would say those things and behave in that manner then you are compelled to provide feedback. I believe strongly in being subordinate to the message. What this person is doing has broader impacts than just him/her giving a negative impression of themselves. They are opening the door for others to question the team's plans. They are granting permission to their directs or peers to act and speak counter to the message. That is no small thing with me.