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I remember the short answer: just say no. I can't find the podcast that goes into detail of why it's the better answer. I know I've listened to it, but after some lengthy searching I can't come up with the podcast.

Can someone help me find it?

Thank you!

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 I recall the title of the cast being something like " I am under paid".  It was an excellent cast that I have ended up using a few times.  I especially liked the part about the leader creating switching costs for his employees.  Meaning it should not always be about money.  Also, the point about not allowing oneself to be poked by the salary umbrella was helpful.  

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 Check out the annual review podcasts.  'You've failed to demonstrate...'  was one that I found pretty good.  I had forgotten about 'I

am under paid'.  That's a good one too!


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