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 I am only in the office 2 days a week and I tend to be in meetings when I am. It has been difficult for me to give feedback continuously. I tend to wait for the one on ones, which I have face to face, and try to give feedback then but it is not really working. It should really be done right here and there, should it not? Not 4 days later.

I am also working with an offshore team and although they are contractors, I tend to treat them the same way as my directs. This has been working well but I would also like to be able to give them some feedback. I have a weekly one on one with some of them on the phone except we do not talk about the third part (future) and split the call 50/50 (you then me).

We mostly use emails and IM to communicate one on one. I am conscious of the fact that we are not supposed to give feedback over IM but would it not be better than no feedback? Because we so rarely use the phone to communicate one on one, it feels like picking up the phone to give feedback would be making a big deal about something which should not be.

I am looking for any ideas or advice you could give me so I can help my team.

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Sounds like you're doing really well to me.

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I don't have any experience with managing remotely or being managed remotely, but I would prefer immediate feedback (even if it's via skype, telephone or email) over getting feedback four days later face to face. It would be great if the feedback was mostly positive and encouraging, then I'd be a lot more open to receiving negative feedback as well...

Hessel just wrote a cool blog post: Managing Remotely

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I don't remember if they specifically address this but there is a cast on Managing Remote Teams.

I do remember that they address some of these issues in the cast on Feedback Timing.

I hope this helps.

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