I am wondering if there's any podcasts or advice anyone has that could give me ideas of how myself and people that work with me could further develop a business partnership with a division that doesn't desire a full partnership.  I want to get to know their business better and add value for them, but feel there is resistance.  I am not sure what the resistance stems from.  I don't think they view this partnership as critical.  However, I know that not having a solid partnership has lead to a lot of work arounds, re-work, redundancy, etc. We attend their team meetings on a regular basis to gain insight, I respond to their requests promptly and I have requested lunch meetings with key players that are not responded to.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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I will make two assumptions based upon your description.  First that you are a new leader in an existing service organization.  Second, the division you want to engage is mature with successful management and productivity.  If these are correct, you are likely experiencing the result of previous interactions between the groups that were not effective. 

My advice is to be patient and keep performing for the team.  There is no better method of breaking down resistance than consistently delivering results.  Second, avoid offering solutions to perceived process issues or suggesting changes that are very broad in scope.  Senior managers have heard "I'm from IT and I am here to drastically improve how you do business with the click of a button" before and that type of approach is not very effective.

You have made the critical first step by attending the meetings.  Likely the Division is waiting to see if you are different (better) than the previous experiences.  You will build their confidence by improving their productivity in small ways, then bigger collaborations will come.

All the best, Ken

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 I think a while ago there was a podcast on persuasion explaining that if you could not get directly to the person you need ex to persuade you could reach her through some doy else you had more affinity with and who had affinity with her.  You said you were trying meetings with key players, perhaps for understanding more their business you can try the meetings with some one in the team That although not a key player can provide you That information and with whom you have more affinity with and then build it up from there.

I agree with the previous advice, you seem to be at a faster pace than they are. Are you really concern about them or more about you and your team? You need to be genuinelly concerned about them for this to work. 

Good luck i hope it works, more interaction among divisions is always productive for the company!